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Thanks and regards, [[m:User:Ajraddatz|Ajraddatz]] ([[m:User talk:Ajraddatz|talk]]) 2014年10月26日 (日) 18:05 (UTC)</div>
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== Global AbuseFilter ==
<div lang="en" dir="ltr" class="mw-content-ltr">Hello,
[[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Extension:AbuseFilter|AbuseFilter]] is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, [[m:Special:Mylanguage/Global AbuseFilter|Global AbuseFilters]] were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki, MediaWiki.org, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "[https://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/highlight.php?file=small.dblist small wikis]". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "[https://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/highlight.php?file=medium.dblist medium sized wikis]" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing [[m:Requests for comment/Global AbuseFilter|request for comment]] on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to [[m:Global AbuseFilter/Opt-out wikis|this list]] on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on [[m:Special:Mylanguage/Global AbuseFilter/2014 announcement|this page]] at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on [[m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter|m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter]].
[[m:User:PiRSquared17|PiRSquared17]], [[m:User:Glaisher|Glaisher]]</div> — 2014年11月14日 (金) 17:36 (UTC)
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